The CSMOCA and ViVa
CRM and training platform integration./strong>

By Jacques Desjardins

The Comité sectoriel de la main d’œuvre pour le commerce de l’alimentation (CSMOCA) is pleased to have partnered with ViVa Innovation Inc. to set up an electronic data exchange for its training management system and CRM (customer relationship management).

The mission of the CSMOC is to contribute to the development of retail and wholesale workers’ qualifications and to find solutions for perfecting the balance between supply of and demand for labour in the food industry.

“With ViVa’s development of an API (application program interface) for its web-based service, all our key essential data may be sent automatically to our managers on a daily basis, providing them with an instant and detailed overview of new registrations, revenues and participants’ training status. ViVa Innovation’s cloud-based approach and its expertise facilitate the solution’s integration with our internal management systems, allowing us to effectively fulfil our mission,” said Ms. Laurence Zert, Executive Direct, Comité sectoriel de la main d’œuvre du commerce de l’alimentation (CSMOCA).

Thanks to, we can manage participants’ training process, for example, registrations in different facilities, web-based self-registration, attendance and grades, session prep logistics, and keep a handle on costs and revenues.

ViVa Innovation’s solution is a simple and fast internet service, accessible to any internet browser. It does not require client-based IT support. For more information about go to

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About ViVa Innovation, Inc.

ViVa Innovation, Inc. specializes in the deployment of all types of training programs, i.e., in-class, online, webinars, and mixed. ViVa uses the power of web-based tools to help clients increase their website’s cost-effectiveness and make transform it into a transactional site. ViVa also consults on tech-centric teaching, course development and online video distribution, and interactive courses.


The Comité sectoriel de la main d’œuvre dans le commerce de l’alimentation aims to identify and raise awareness about food sector challenges, to contribute to workforce development and the recognition and full utilization of skills, and to increase communication between stakeholders in the job market. The committee defines and develops tools, adapted to the sector’s reality based on the actual needs of employers and employees, that translate into the realization of information, training and content distribution projects.

Jacques Desjardins is the founding president of Viva Innovation.
He has worked in the e-learning and training management platforms industry for more than 14 years. Passionate about automating manual registration processes, his goal is to improve customer service and promote user autonomy.