Company Training

Management of the vocational training plan and skills

A Business-specific Skills Management System

Our business solution automates and simplifies the implementation of training plans. You will more easily follow the learning of your employees or your members using a management view where you will find information in real time.

Our business solution automates and simplifies the implementation of training plans. Your training activities will be more easily recognized and your employees will be able to use their new skills. Get an interactive platform and stream web-based training more effectively!

Let us help you develop interactive training tailored to your needs. We work with your experts to produce highly effective courses.


Employees’ Training Self-registration

Are you managing 10, 100, 1000 or even 10,000 employees? Do not worry! ViVa can import the profiles of your employees at the time of your membership. You will not have to manually enter the information, we will do it for you.

History of Training Courses’ Access

The platform allows you to access the detailed history of the followed courses. It is thus possible for a manager to sort the results by employee, by department, by frame, or by using a custom filter, as needed. Your teams will be assured of receiving the necessary training at the right time and you will be able to make informed decisions about the learning to be offered to your employees.

Training Plan for employees

Each employee benefits from his own training plan. You will be able to assign courses or a learning path to your employees and track directly from the platform. Your employees will be better informed about your expectations and you will be able to more easily ensure the acquisition of skills.

Access to Training Statistics

In Quebec, all employers with annual payrolls greater than $2 million must invest at least 1% of their payroll in training activities. The purpose of this law is to promote the development of skills within companies and to allow workers to update their knowledge and working methods in order to follow the new trends of the industry. The ViVa Innovation platform allows you to generate statistical reports to declare the amounts invested and the training activities offered during the year to the Quebec Revenue Agency.

Skills Management with Training Reminder (CSST)

The platform gives you the opportunity to create reminders for mandatory training activities that will expire soon. This is a great way to make sure your employees are getting the skills they need, according to your industry standards and regulations.

Worker Accreditation

Many professions require professional accreditation in order to allow workers to perform certain tasks. Our platform greatly simplifies their management by giving you access to an overview that shows the accreditation held internally or acquired externally by your workers, as well as their due dates, when applicable. Make sure all your workers are in good standing thanks to our platform!

Personalized Diplomas

Increase the attractiveness and credibility of your training by creating personalized degrees for learners who complete and succeed in a program. This is a great way to build employee loyalty and give them a taste for learning.

Train and Retain your Employees with our Training Management System (LMS)

Contact us to discuss your company’s training needs! We can also support you in developing your interactive learning content (e-learning) and in establishing a learning path adapted to your activity sector. We can provide you with a turnkey development of training, hosting and marketing. We take care of everything!

Document Center

Employees have access to an online library of training and tutorials available to improve their skills or solve a problem. Use the catalog search tools to help select the right content.

Employee Training Plan

The department director can assign training to his employees and track the success of an associated skill.

Participants can choose how they would like to learn. They can have access to courses either online, in class or via webinar.

Certification Tracking Record employees

The solution allows employees to post their skills acquired through the common catalog or even through external training activities. There is a skills expiry process for CNESST training.

Certification Management by Human Resources

Human Resources can combine skills with training and decide on the validity period of the training. It may discreetly approve or reject external training enrolled by a member.

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