Continuing Education

Professional education and training management

An Innovative Solution to Modernize your Training Offer

ViVa Innovation offers an innovative solution for continuing education centers, colleges and educational institutions.

Automate 80% of your clerical work. The system facilitates online payment, billing, generates diplomas and sends training reminders via email.

Speed up the sale of your courses with our personalized interactive catalog. Post your training courses either in class, online or webinar, and even your ebooks!

Save time and maximize your return on investment with our turnkey platform! Registration to your courses will be faster and students will be able to more effectively access the contents of your different courses.

Optimize the Quality of Learning

The platform developed by ViVa Innovation aims to offer you a modern, immersive and interactive learning experience. From the management view to the tools available during the delivery of your training, everything has been designed so that your students spend more time learning and less time looking for how the training tools work.

Learning Management Area

All those enrolled in training from our platform benefit from a personal workspace to manage their learning. Organizations also have access to a detailed, easy-to-use management view to mentor and support learners.

Interactive Catalog – Calendar

Increase your conversion opportunities by using the full potential of our interactive catalog! Create original forms for your training, add a video presentation and a variety of relevant elements to encourage users to register.

Online Payment – Billing

Receive online payments quickly and easily using our secure gateway. You will be able to generate and send invoices directly from our platform. Your students will pay securely in a few clicks.

Membership and Affiliations

he platform makes it easy to manage membership and membership affiliations. Create a customized learning path by linking multiple courses and track membership in real time using our management view.

Hosted Software – Turnkey

You can benefit from our world-class hosting with built-in redundancy or install the ViVa Innovation software on your own servers! At all times, you will retain full control over the technologies that drive your training on the Web.

Personalized Diplomas

Increase the attractiveness of your training by creating personalized degrees for learners who complete a training program.

Here’s what our customers tell us after implementation

The price model per listing is economical. We only pay for what we use.
Richard Huot

Huot Management

The number of basic features available in the software allows me to automate and keep the same processes as before.
François Couture

Web Global Quebec

The implementation was fast and efficient. We received our portal access within 48 hours and were trained in the same week. Our catalog was already online the following week
Coralie Chauvin

Escouade Miss Café

Facilitate learnings with ViVa Innovation!

Contact us for an online demonstration, a quote or simply to discuss your needs! We can advise you to strategically plan your training and support you in the development of your content.

Interactive Catalog

Training – Article – Membership

Create your own interactive catalog with integrated search tools. Display your training courses either in class, online or webinar and even your articles such as book or membership.

Detailed Page

Promo Video – 5 Stars Rating – Biography

Speed up the conversion of your training by inserting a promotional video, the biography of the trainer, and his photo in the detailed page. Find participant ratings and appreciation stars.

Payment by Credit Card or Check

Use discount coupons, gift certificates, special prices or membership to increase your sales.

Participant’s Personal File

Training History – Diploma – Invoice

Retain your customers by offering each participant or company a complete dashboard of their training activities or their employees.

A Complete Certification Ecosystem

The ecosystem offered by ViVa Innovation simplifies access to members’ certification training. A catalog common to all course providers allows self-registration of members to the formations authorized by the organization.

Success certificates are automatically added to the members’ personal folders and accessed by the organization.

The complete ecosystem unifies the needs of members, order and suppliers in an integrated web portal where each stakeholder has its management rights.

Marketplace – Federated Catalog – Recognized Training

The “Marketplace” solution allows the grouping of course from several providers and displays them in a web portal common to all members. A unique catalog for members.

The organization may require and monitor the validation of course content.

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