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Founded in 2004 by Jacques Desjardins, ViVa Innovation has begun to make its mark by becoming involved in a diversity of online training projects, both in Quebec and internationally.

The company has carried out numerous mandates for the development of varied content (interactivity, games and scenarios), LMS (integration) distribution platforms and partner certification / sales training.

In 2009, ViVa chose to invest in its own LMS platform, mesinscriptions.com, to meet the needs of associations, private schools and public education institutions. Following a great success, ViVa then implemented its LMS solution in several businesses, schools and retail businesses, including the Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) and Marsan College. In 2016, ViVa continued its innovations to serve the Regroupement des CPE of Quebec and the CEGEPs of Quebec.

The company continues to add features in order to automate the work of registrars, such as reading the bar code for the participants’ attendance to seminars. ViVa enhances the efficiency of marketing by adding the proposal for additional training in the shopping cart. It has also added the integration of digital marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google Analytics into its catalog to analyze your campaigns in great detail.

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15, Turgeon street
Ste-Thérèse QC J7E 3H2

Tel.: 514 312-2912
Email: info@vivainnovation.com

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