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Management training and skills software.

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Turnkey Management Solutions for Training and Apprenticeship

ViVa Innovation offers turnkey cloud training and management software. It is intended for companies, educational institutions, continuing education centers and professional trainers. Our training solution facilitates the management of a transactional website that provides a platform for learning needs by simplifying the registration process and simplifying online payments.

In just a few clicks, this tool will allow you to create diplomas for learners and generate invoices. In addition, our solution enables the management of professional certifications and certificates of employee competencies. You will be able to set up tailor-made courses with personalized learning objectives and guide the learning of a cohort of students, employees in training or leaders in a professional skills development process.

Company Training

If managing the training of your employees is a challenge your company faces, we can make it much easier for you! Designed to help your human resources department in the management and enhancement of skills and employee development, ViVa’s business solution enables you to have a proven corporate methodology for training management, centralizing all the data needed to monitor registration, training and certification of workers.

Training Center

Training Centers face many management challenges. The number of students, the usability of learning tools, the automation of management tools, etc. The tools developed by ViVa are valuable allies supporting the management of registrations and training online and in class. Use our interactive platform to offer the best to learners!


Why Choose ViVa Innovation?

Our solution simplifies learning by providing a single management space for your training catalog. The tool will allow your learners to register for your training easily and pay online using a secure payment gateway. You can also generate invoices from our platform and create personalized diplomas.

Simplified Training Management

In class or online, you can quickly view your trainings and start receiving registrations immediately.

Secure Online Payments

Learners can pay directly on the platform using a secure payment gateway that accepts most credit cards (PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Amex).

Interactive Catalog

Customize the display of your training with a promotional video and a detailed sheet! Your learners will also be able to leave a testimonial and record the training they have taken.

Best of bread LMS with Moodle

Opt for the reliability of a world-class online LMS solution! ViVa Innovation relies on the Moodle platform to maximize the quality of all your e-learning needs and create a user-friendly experience.
We also support Talent LMS.

Personal and Organizational Record

Each learner has his own space to follow his learning. Organizations also benefit from a dedicated space to track employee’s learning and associated billing.

Skills and Certifications Management

Get a learning management view of your employees or learners to manage skills acquisition and certifications.

A Human Vision of Learning

Learning is, first and foremost, a human activity. The relationship between a learner and a teacher can hardly be replaced, even by using the most modern software and the most advanced artificial intelligences.

This is why ViVa Innovation is committed to putting in place effective technological means to facilitate contacts between individuals. Our value is measured not only by the growth of the competitiveness and the multiplication of income related to the acquisition of new skills, but it is also measured by the love of learning.

Our challenge is to develop a solution at the cutting edge of current training technologies, while providing the necessary space for learners to realize themselves as part of their learning. By doing business with ViVa Innovation, you choose to give a human vision to learning.

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We have replaced our old registration platform with ViVa Innovation solution. We now have access to a more reliable and efficient online store.

The portal provides flexibility and user-friendly way of learning, which make it an easy- to-use system for various uses. It ranges from online training to our classroom training management, as well as events registrations. It ranges from online training to our classroom training management, as well as events registrations.

Viva Innovation’s support staff is always available to assist us and make necessary corrections when needed. Thanks ViVa! Merci ViVa!

Anne-Marie Rochon

Marketing and Digital Communications Coordinator,, Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en tourisme (CQRHT) - Collège Montmorency

For several years, we have been using ViVa Innovation services for our membership registration platform and for the diffusion of our online training. The commitment of Viva and its powerful software allow us to offer an efficient and personalized training environment to our clients. ViVa facilitates the electronic integration of its training platform with our CRM to improve visibility on our operations. ViVa is a good technology partner for your training center.

Laurence Zert

General Manager,, CSMOCA

ViVa Innovation is a committed partner who understands our needs and those of our government and corporate clients.
They have been able to implement simple and effective online registration solutions for our participants, while maintaining the management of administrative operations as effective for our coordinators.
ViVa Innovation enables us to achieve our growth objectives, including the marketing of online courses in the same platform.
I’m pleased to recommend Viva.

Jean Perron

Training Coordinator,, Cegep Marie-Victorin

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