How a Waiting List Can Boost Sales!

By Jacques Desjardins

Reduce registration reimbursement fees.

When it comes to private training, one of the major time wasters for training centers are class cancellations and registration fees reimbursement. Frequently, too few participants enrol to profitably hold the course.

So, the registrar must cancel the course. No point putting it off, participants simply want to be reimbursed. And, so, the long reimbursement process begins—by check or credit card, credit note, cancellation e-mail, and bank transactions, an exercise with no upside.

To avoid cancellations and reimbursements, training centres sell only popular training programs they know they can fill. By not promoting their entire course offering, including training programs that buck trends, training centres deprive themselves of potential revenues.

Boost Sales and Avoid Reimbursements

Our CEGEP-based continuous training clients have access to a lot of courses and professors, however, the same course cancellation problem plagues them. They finally gained the upper hand by using a process that allows for registration to a waiting or an “intention to register” list.

Now, the registrar can list in the course catalogue all the training programs offered, the popular training programs as well as those in development in order to conduct a survey or to highlight more specialized or technical programs. To convert clients into buyers of these programs, the catalogue can include a promotional video and offer incentives. This solution makes it possible for the catalogue to include course ratings and comments from former course participants.

Participants interested in registering in the training program need only create a profile to join the waiting list. No payment is required. Participants receive confirmation of their registration. When registrations on the waiting list attains a certain threshold, the system sends an e-mail notification to the registrar who decides whether to confirm the session. By confirming that the course will be held, all those on the waiting list receive an e-mail invitation to finalize their registration and pay the required fees.
That’s it, simple and efficient.

How do you optimize the use of training staff and facilities?

Thanks to the “waiting list” function, the registrar optimizes the use of training resources and classrooms. By leaving the date and place for a training program open-ended, the registrar tallies up the number of participants interested in the course and can then offer sessions targeted to the cities of those registered on the list. A smart way to work!

ViVa Innovation can help you set up an interactive catalogue to automate training program registrations and confirm courses with a waiting list. Contact us for more information.


Jacques Desjardins is the founding president of Viva Innovation.
He has worked in the e-learning and training management platforms industry for more than 14 years. Passionate about automating manual registration processes, his goal is to improve customer service and promote user autonomy.