Professional Associations

With our system, which can be used by your association’s members and staff, you will be able to more easily manage training activities and certification processes.

Our software solution will also make it easier for your members to obtain and manage their certifications (e.g. by tracking hours). Services can be adapted to meet your profession’s needs. Your members will be taught about innovative learning strategies that incorporate the latest online learning technologies.

  • Process to vet training offered by providers.

  • Member certification management software (number of hours recognized).

  • Web-based multidisciplinary professional training catalogue.

  • Online file that includes both training and certification for members and the order.

  • In-class, online, webinar, mixed class teaching methods.

  • Open access to tutorials library.


ViVa Innovation’s ecosystem facilitates member access to certification training programs. A catalogue that includes all course providers permits members to self-register for order-approved training programs.

Certificates attesting to successful completion are added automatically to members’ personal files, which are accessible to the order.

The complete ecosystem makes it possible to address the needs of the order and its members as well as those of course providers, each with their own access authority, in one integrated web portal.

Marketplace – Comprehensive Catalogue – Recognized Training Programs

Using the Marketplace solution, courses offered by several providers may be grouped and displayed on a web portal accessible to all members. A unique catalogue for members.

The order can require and monitor the vetting of course content.

Member Certification Tracking File

The solution enables members to post the skills they’ve acquired through the comprehensive course catalogue or through external training activities. There is process the allows the registrar to validate skills acquired.

Order Certification Management

The order can link competencies to training programs and determine how long the training remains valid. The order, at its discretion, can approve or reject external training logged by a member.

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