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How can you create a lucrative fundraising campaign?

A turn-key, ongoing funding solution, event registration management, and annual dues for athletes. Training for refs and volunteers. Funding campaign by team and ongoing

Online dashboard of contributions to fundraising.

Self-registration for invitational athletic events

Online store for annual registration and sales promotions

Online training module


Finally, a solution that helps you manage revenues for your team, your association or your school.

You have three types of financing at your disposal, all cost-effective and adapted to your members’ approach and interests.

Tap the strength of social networks to increase your revenues.

We offer you synergy

  •  Team campaign – tradition coffee sale
  •  Over-the-counter – sale tailored to your association or school
  • Web campaign via an online store – recurring web sales

For your fundraising campaigns, we recommend selling coffee since it is a popular product. Your members and their families will want to purchase high-end coffee that will contribute to financing your association throughout the year. Throughout the year, you’ll receive a contribution of up to 40% of the sales price.

Your personalized online store offers you even more.

An innovative solution that increases fundraising revenues by leveraging our interactive catalogue, event self-registration, digital marketing techniques, and your members’ networking power.

Self-registration for teams participating in invitationals and registration payment.

Annual registration, online payment, and web-based transmission of proof of residency.

CInteractive catalogue for the purchase of monthly subscriptions to the association’s coffee sale. Recurring revenue!

Learn more about our partner, Café Distinction

Coffee Sales through Solicitation

Each team or class receives cases of 12 or 20 sacks of coffee that they sell to their friends and families.

The team logo can be added to the sack.

Online Coffee Sales (3-Month Commitment) and Promotional Items

Each association or school received a personalized online store to sell its coffee, promotional items, or tournament tickets.

Parents can buy coffee year-round and generate recurring revenue for your organization.

Online Registration for Invitational Athletic Events

Participants in your invitational athletic events can register at your online store.

Why not let your athletes use the online store to sign up at the beginning of the year?

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